About us

About us

We always aim high and focus on highest standards as our passion. We are deeply commitment meeting highest quality demands. To accomplish this principle, we design and manufacture high security products using highest quality materials in all lift system we produce. We always seek to raise the existing standard even further.

Simerlift is the work of a carefully planned production by using the years of experience and knowledge which has gone through long R&D and testing processes. Buying Simerlift branded lifting system which produced by one hundred percent domestic capital, brings high level engineering knowledge, years of experience, high technology, long-lasting usage, better service and spare parts warranty.

Our vision; to become a worldwide brand in the lifting machinery industry.
Our mission; While meeting the demands and expectations of our customers and stakeholders by producing environmentally friendly, competitive products and services, we also focus on contributing to the development of the society.

Simer Lift

Quality policy

Our quality policies that we have adopted to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction
• To comply with the requirements of the quality management system, and improving the system constantly.
• To improve the knowledge and skills of our employees.
• Toplum için katma değer yaratmak.
• to constantly improve and develop our products and services.
• To provide products and services that meet the requirements of our customers.
• To ensure the permanent satisfaction of our customers, employees, sub-industry and suppliers by complying to the relevant laws and standards.
• Establishing new systems which our stakeholders can present their ideas and suggestions in order to increase participation and continuous improvement.

Our Values

Core Values our corporation abides by

To pay attention to the opinions of all our partners
To prioritize occupational health and safety in all our activities
To embrace the principle of transparency in business
To treasure the people and labor
To empathize with our partners in communicating and solving problems
To develop long-term relationships with our customers
To work efficiently
To strictly comply with laws and regulations